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Black Box Voting

Comparing Air America to Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly and Hannity

The Randi Rhodes Show & Majority Report


Fahrenheit911 vs Air America Radio

This is interesting because it shows similarities for the startup period.  Let's watch and see if the pattern is replicated over time--although once the movie is actually in the theatres it may change the pattern. - earwicker


Air America Radio vs the Anti-Michael Moore Site

These guys aren't getting anywhere near the hits of the movie, or even Air America.  And considering that half their hits probably come from movie fans getting the e-mail addresses to support the showing of the movie . . . If you'd like to send an email supporting the movie, I've put the complete list of addresses here.  Copy these into your e-mail program bcc line, compose your e-mail supporting the showing of the film, and fire it off!  As of 7/10 they seem to have dropped above 100K.  The whole world is not watching!

John Kerry vs GW Bush

The blip in late June on the GWBush site is probably caused by all sorts of people (both friends and enemies) visiting the site to see the Hitler ad.  The July blip is based on the Edwards announcement.


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