Air America Stations and their Home Pages

This page provides home page links or frequency/channel information for the stations that carry Air America Radio.  Use this page to find out what else is going on on these stations, or to communicate with their management if they are not meeting your needs.  Note:  Some of these stations do not have current web pages and some do not carry all Air America Shows.  If the stations streams, a link should be available on AirAmericaLinks home page.

To look up information about the broadcast coverage of stations, there is a site called Radio-Locator.  It formerly had a link site to it for Air America sites, but that has recently disappeared.  I will be adding links below as I get time. Links in the Station column should go direct to the station Home Page.

For information about upcoming stations and events, see our BLOG.

Location   Station   Frequency   Comments Stream   Radio-Locator Contact


XM Satellite Radio - ch. 167       Possibly for subscribers Whole Country  
Sirius Satellite Radio - ch. 144       For Subscribers Whole Country  


Ann Arbor, MI WLBY 1290 AM         
Asheville, NC WPEK  880 AM      Daytime  |  Nighttime  
Atlanta, GA WWAA 1690 AM        
Boston, MA WKOX


1200 AM

1430 AM

Brattleboro, VT WKVT 1490 AM        
Chapel Hill, NC WCHL 1360 AM        
Cincinnati, OH WCKY 1530 AM   Stream (Eon) R    
Columbus, OH WCOL 1230 AM        
Davenport, IA WKBF 1270 AM        
Detroit, MI WXDX 1310 AM        
Key West, FL WKIZ 1500 AM        
Madison, WI  WXXM 92.1 FM   Stream Daytime and Nighttime E-mail
Miami, FL WINZ 940 AM Randi Rhodes Tape Delay and perhaps more.  Web page under development.      
Memphis, TN WWTQ 680 AM        
New Haven, CT WAVZ 1300 AM        
New York City WLIB 1190 AM Pre-AAR Web Page      
Northampton, MA  WHMP 1400 AM No page found as of 7/11/04      
Petoskey, MI WWKK 750 AM        
Philadelphia, PA WHAT 1340 AM Al Franken & Randi Rhodes only      
Plattsburgh/Burlington WTWK 1070 AM No page found as of 7/11/04      
Portland, ME WLVP 870 AM No page found as of 7/11/04      
Providence, RI WHJJ 920 AM        
Rochester, NY WROC 950 AM        
Rock Island, IL WKBF 1270 AM Actually Davenport, IA see above      
Washington, DC WRC 1260 AM        
West Palm Beach, FL  WJNO 1290 AM Randi Rhodes Original Station      
Youngstown, Ohio WANR 1570 AM        

(of Mississippi)

Albany/Corvallis, OR  KTHH 990AM The Truth   Daytime | Nighttime  
Albuquerque, NM KABQ 1350 AM        
Anchorage, AK  KUDO 1080 AM        
Austin, Texas KOKE 1600 AM        
Brainerd, MN WWWI 1270 AM        
Corpus Christi, TX KCCT 1150 AM        
Dallas, TX KXEB 910 AM Coming March 21      
Denver, CO KKZN 760 AM        
Eugene, OR KOPT 1450 AM        
Honolulu, HI  KUMU 1500 AM        
Kauai, HI  KONG 570 AM        
Los Angeles KTLK 1150 AM        
Maui, HI  KAOI 1110 AM        
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN KSNB 950 AM  Straight Talk Radio      
Phoenix, AZ KXXT 1010 AM        
Portland, OR KPOJ 620 AM        
Reno, NV KTHO 590 AM        
Riverside, CA KCAA 1050 AM        
Sacramento, CA  KSQR  1240 AM No page found as of 7/11/04      
Santa Barbara, CA KIST 1340 AM        
San Diego, CA KLSD 1360 AM   Stream    
San Luis Obispo, CA  KYNS  1340 AM No page found as of 7/11/04      
San Francisco, CA KQKE 960 AM        
Santa Fe, NM KTRC 1260 AM        
Seattle, WA KPTK 1090 AM Real Web Site coming March 31   Radio Locator  
South Lake Tahoe, NV  KTHO 590 AM        
Spokane, WA KAQQ 1280 AM     Daytime | Nighttime E-mail

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